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SOLD Pretty 1920's Small Beaded & Embroidered Handbag

Product Code: 1920's Small Beaded & Embroidered Bag
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This is a very pretty and very collectable 1920's or possibly early 1930's small beaded handbag or purse, hand-made perhaps for use specifically by a bride.

  • The design has a geometric shape to the front as well as the overall bag shape which contrasts with the soft coloured and symetrically placed stylised flowers and leaves all embroidered in chain stitch and outlined in a very fine darker thread and the flowing swirling movement of the white beading front and back  
  • The beading is in mixed whites and soft bronze and silver metallic, tiny micro seed beads
  • The colours used for the embroidery are mixed and range from peach to pale blue, pale pink and pale mint green
  • The frame of the bag is brass coloured metal and the clasp fastens with a two oval-ball twist snap shut clasp
  • The lining is silk and includes a small pocket on one side
  • The condition of this little bag is good. I have replaced some beading and tidied up some stitching but otherwise all of the bag is intact. Some of the bigger beads i.e. the small faux pearls in the middle of the larger flowers to the front have lost their outer coating which is usual for this age of beadwork
  • I have cleaned this bag but some of the embroidery threads retain a very slightly grubby look but this seems to accentuate the colour of the flower threads in the middle. The basic structure or ground of the bag in parts also has a slightly grubby appearance, mainly around the top of the frame but this is not noticeable given the amount of beading
  • The lining is intact but has some age related discolouration from the frame underneath the frame itself so therefore not noticeable during normal use other than one tiny spot in one corner. This doesn't show on the pictures it's so pale  
  • There is some very minor loss of some of the very fine threads but this is only detectable on close inspection
  • The clasp mechanism works fine and fastens tightly although there is some very minor gaping either side of the clasp but this is only noticeable on very close inspection 
  • This has clearly been hand-made, perhaps for a bride and there are even the feint remains of pencil marks outling the pattern that has been created when planning the location of the embroidered flowers
  • At the widest point the bag is 7ins across and 6ins from the top of the frame to the bottom. The dainty little handle is 6ins from one side to the other and the top of the frame measures 3.25ins from side to side. The pictures are of the bag slightly inflated in order to clearly show the beadwork 

This is a very old and eyecatching piece that has been made with style and love and probably used with style and love too! It can live and be loved again and be perfect for the bride looking for a genuine vintage piece! 

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