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Handbags & Purses

Many of these beautiful accessories are timeless, whether you are planning a themed wedding or looking for that 'something old' or finishing touch to complete your outfit. They will give you that something extra special and unique as well as something to use again and relive special memories. 

  • Here you will find a selection of authentic antique and vintage handbags and purses suitable for brides which are in typical bridal colours
  • You will also find pieces for other formal occasions, wedding evening wear or for the discerning collector of period pieces.
  • If I have 'upcycled' or restored any item, to improve their use and appearance for bridal or formal occasion or indeed to repair any age related damage so often found with vintage and antique pieces, I have provided the details. And of course if there is a story to tell about your beautiful vintage or antique bag, I have shared it!


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SOLD 1960s Gold Evening Bag
This is a vintage 1960s evening bag that could suit evening or daytime occasion wear depending upon ..
SOLD 1960s Silver Evening Bag
This is a lovely 1960s evening bag that could look just as stunning as a bridal bag or purse with a ..
SOLD Art Deco 1920's Handbag Handmade in Belgium
This is a gorgeous little Art Deco shaped bag that would complement any bridal gown but pa..
SOLD Dainty Antique Crewel Work Beaded Purse
This is a beautiful dainty little antique beaded purse that has survived remarkably given that it is..
SOLD Handmade 1930s/40s little bag in shiny beads and sequins
This ia a very pretty little vintage bag, handmade probably in the 1930s or 1940s by a bride fo..
SOLD Pretty 1920's Small Beaded & Embroidered Handbag
This is a very pretty and very collectable 1920's or possibly early 1930's small beaded handbag or p..
SOLD Small Antique Handmade Silk Sporran Style Bridal Purse in Pale Cream
This is an exquisite and highly collectable, beautiful little antique bridal purse or reticule that ..
SOLD Small Vintage Ivory Beaded Satin Bag
This is a very sweet and pretty little vintage ivory coloured satin beaded bag which could be used w..
SOLD Stunning Art Deco Black Suede Solid Silver Frame Evening Bag
This is a stunning, highly collectable, elegant Art Deco vintage evening purse or bag in super soft ..
SOLD Vintage 'Le Soir' Beaded Handbag
This is an eyecatching and profusely beaded handbag, handmade for 'Le Soir' probably in the 1960s in..
SOLD Vintage 1950's French Silk and Sequins Bridal or Evening Bag in Pale Cream
This is a beautiful French vintage bridal bag or evening purse which probably dates to the 1950..
SOLD Vintage 1950s Bridal Beaded Bag in Ivory
This is a gorgeous, high quality and stylish 1950s beaded handbag that bears all the hallmarks ..
SOLD Vintage 1950s/ 60s Park Lane 'Regal Mesh' White Handbag
This is a vintage late 1950s or early 1960s Australian designer handbag by Park Lane in Melbourne. P..
SOLD Vintage 1960s Crochet Style Handbag on Long Plaited Strap in Pale Cream with Irish Roses
This is a vintage crochet style sweet little bag or purse that appears never to have been used and p..
SOLD Vintage 1960s Gold Brocade Evening Handbag
This is lovely classic 1960s, vintage evening purse that could complement a bridal or bridesmaid ens..