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About Us

Welcome to Silk in Time!

My vision is to create or enhance beautiful and unique vintage or antique accessories that will contribute to the bride feeling very special on the big day. Whether handmade by myself or authentic vintage or antique pieces, I am committed to ensuring my products are as affordable as possible, as I believe the beauty and magic of vintage and antique textiles should continue to be loved and lived in our modern world.    

I hope you will enjoy looking at my beautiful collections. Whether you are a bride planning a vintage wedding or simply looking for that 'something old' and extra special accessory to add to your bridal attire and something different to what you see available in high street stores. Or perhaps you are looking for a gift for a bride, something unique, a one-off that will complete her ensemble on her very special big day!

Silk in Time collections include:

  • Affordable, authentic antique and vintage items which whenever possible, I describe in the fullest of detail including genuine heirloom pieces to pass down the generations 
  • On occasions, vintage and antique wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses
  • A range of hand-made and upcycled items which I make myself using antique and vintage materials of the highest quality. I source all of my pieces, fabrics, lace, beads and embellishments from specialist textile auctions, antique auctions and sales
  • Care instructions for every product. Many vintage and antique textiles do need extra care and attention to preserve their life. However I do try to avoid those that are too fragile or are of 'museum quality' and therefore not suitable for use by a modern day bride. When looked after properly, your vintage or antique silk, lace, handbag or accessory should reward you for years and years to come! 
  • Items and materials generally speaking described as vintage will be at least 30 years old.
  • Items and materials described as antique will be at least 100 years old. I rarely have anything older than the mid to late Victorian periods or younger than the 1960s. Vintage and antique items or materials will have lived and may have been loved so please take care to read my descriptions and look at the photographs

Silk in Time collections do not include:

  • Brand new products! Vintage and antique means the piece has been lived, loved or crafted through time and invariably there will be flaws commensurate with age such as age spots or irrepairable wear and tear. So if that isn't right for you, this site isn't either!   

The inspiration for my own designs are the costumes and textiles of times gone by and the stories that come with every vintage or antique piece I restore or work with. I love learning about and working with lace particularly and the history, traditions and community that lie behind each piece and indeed live on to this day. I believe in maintaining their integrity as far as possible, staying true to the magic created by the original lace-maker and my pleasure is restoring and enhancing their former glory! I have a particular love for Irish Lace, both the needle laces and crochet lace and I am myself a student lacemaker and always looking to improve both my restoration and lace knowledge and skills.

If you are looking for something different and affordable, I hope you enjoy browsing my collections and please do email me if you have any queries about anything you see or if you wish to purchase a gift voucher for the bride to be. If you like the look of some of my hand-made pieces such as garters or ring pillows but the colours are not right for you, then you can let me know as I have a large selection of beautiful vintage and antique lace and silks from which you can choose your own bespoke fabrics and colours.

Thank you for browsing at Silk in Time!